Flintile Inc. Warehouse Efficiency

Our warehouse efficiency benefits you and your business

Davis Sanders for Flintile's warehouse efficiency post

From pre-pulled orders to an efficient and friendly staff. Our Flintile warehousemen are cross-trained to place and change orders, if the will-caller is authorized to do so, sundries can be added on the spot. This saves you and your business time. Often, at other distributors, you would be sent back to the order desk to deal with the changes and then sent back to the warehouse. You may additionally have to wait for the paperwork or put back in line behind other will-callers. At Flintile it is one man, one operation. We will make the changes you desire, grab your materials for you and send you on your way. All while dealing with one individual. Our warehouse efficiency is just another way Flintile Inc. is dedicated to serving you.