Tom’s Retirement

Tom Vaughan started with Flintile in February 1980 and retired in 2017. He was a professional thru and thru, acting as a liaison between our suppliers and our dealers for 37 years; he was a pillar of the company.

If you worked with Tom on the order desk you came to appreciate his extensive knowledge of the products and his genuine personality.  Some customers chose to only work with Tom when they would call.  Due to the relationships he could foster and the loyalty he displayed Tom was a “foxhole buddy” to project managers and purchasing agents throughout the industry.

  Tom knows quite a lot about history as well as floor covering. At times he could offer very detailed facts about ancient people and the wars they waged.  He possessed an aptness to find lessons in the story of man relevant to today’s headlines.

As far as what Tom liked to do outside of work, he describes it himself the best.

“When I get the chance, I enjoy loading up the old travel trailer and heading to the beach or the hills with my wife for some quality time, quiet or otherwise. I also enjoy working on my house. But, when it’s time to lay down the tools, we like to tune up and play old time country music on our guitars and piano. The old stuff really does sound better!”

The Flintile family wishes Tom the best as he rambles on into his retirement years.