Flintile Staff

Flintile Inc.'s founder Madeline Biggs

Our first owner and founder, Madeline Biggs, after years of working for a company called Berkheimers, left her position to start Flintile Inc, in 1977. As a female working in the male dominated industry she was a rarity in the 1970’s.  Virtually unheard of was becoming a female business owner, however, over the next several years she proved herself to be extremely successful. Through the years she championed the company through adversity and hard economic times. Known for being stern but fair, she was not a lady you wanted to owe money. She had a reputation of showing up to delinquent accounts offices to sit down face to face with them and hash out payment plans. She always led her employees with great vision and high expectations. Affectionately referred to as ‘The Barracuda’ by her late husband she was a loving mother and grandmother who is survived by her 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

With several decades of experience, the Flintile staff is knowledgeable and ready to serve you.

Bret Biggs


Bret Biggs Flintile

I started working in the warehouse for Flintile at the young age of 19, back in December of 1977. During the first five years I would balance working in the warehouse and making dealer calls. I was active in the dealer and architectural community which led to being chairman of the 8th annual CSI products fair.

I was appointed president in 2002. With 37 years of experience in the trade I have been exposed to many products and many applications for these products. My dealers trust this experience and to my delight will call me when needing assistance. I am honored to be working with the best support personal in our industry.

In my off time I spend time with my family whom all live in the immediate area. I enjoy working in the yard, golf and aviation.

Darla D. Hanson


Darla Handson Flintile

I started at Flintile on the 21st of November in 1995. Coming from a 18 year banking back ground I was all about customer service. I’m a friendly person naturally so talking to customers is very easy for me. My duties range from processing sales & general customer service to invoicing and bookkeeping. I also keep the office looking clean. Being the only female with 5 male coworkers can be a lot of testosterone to wrangle. So I like to think I bring a feminine touch to Flintile.

In my spare time, I enjoy my dog Gizmo and my new “yowling” kitty Marcie. On Saturdays I get to take care of my two grandkids, Maddison and Jacob.

I don’t have anyone famous in my family, although my dad was in the Navy with Robert Stack (Elliott Ness on the Untouchables). Another little fun fact, I was named by a nurse.

Davis Sanders


Davis Sanders Flintile

I started at Flintile in 2001. With the support of Flintile I worked full time and went to college, I finished with a Bachelors degree from Concordia University’s School of Business.  I am the vice president of operations at Flintile.

In my spare time I enjoy long walks on the beach with my beautiful wife, sipping coffee on Sunday mornings while reading US Magazine, training rare white tigers for the circus, and I’m also an avid bottle cap collector with our local bottle cap club, The Capaholics.

Philip Biggs


Phillip Biggs Flintile

I started with Flintile in the Spring of 2008. I am the warehouse manager, I also do inside sales for the company.  When I’m not working in the office I am out in the Portland area establishing and retaining relations with the architecture and design community as well.

I believe in striving for growth by providing excellent customer service and I try to bring an upbeat and humorous attitude to work every day.

Outside of Flintile I dabble in music and play indoor soccer. I spend a lot of time with my friends. I enjoy live music and try to get out to concerts a few times a month. I also do some creative writing and love to cook.

Tom Vaughan


Tom Vaughan FlintileTom retired in the summer of 2017 after a 37 year career with Flintile.  While enjoying his retirement he will be coming in occasionally to help out on the order desk.


Matthew Hackett


I started with Flintile in August of 2016.  I am primarily work the warehouse and handle the delivery driving.  I’ve had experience in warehouse jobs so I feel that Flintile is a great fit for me.

I am new but I am eager to learn more about the flooring products we distribute. I’m also working every day to hone the best customer service skills I can, a trait I’ve come to realize Flintile is known for.

On my spare time, I enjoy working on cars, going on hikes in the Columbia river gorge and relaxing with my fiancé.