Tom’s Retirement

Tom Vaughan started with Flintile in February 1980 and retired in 2017. He was a professional thru and thru, acting as a liaison between our suppliers and our dealers for 37 years; he was a pillar of the company.

If you worked with Tom on the order desk you came to appreciate his extensive knowledge of the products and his genuine personality.  Some customers chose to only work with Tom when they would call.  Due to the relationships he could foster and the loyalty he displayed Tom was a “foxhole buddy” to project managers and purchasing agents throughout the industry.

  Tom knows quite a lot about history as well as floor covering. At times he could offer very detailed facts about ancient people and the wars they waged.  He possessed an aptness to find lessons in the story of man relevant to today’s headlines.

As far as what Tom liked to do outside of work, he describes it himself the best.

“When I get the chance, I enjoy loading up the old travel trailer and heading to the beach or the hills with my wife for some quality time, quiet or otherwise. I also enjoy working on my house. But, when it’s time to lay down the tools, we like to tune up and play old time country music on our guitars and piano. The old stuff really does sound better!”

The Flintile family wishes Tom the best as he rambles on into his retirement years.

Scot’s Passing

On August 16th 2015, with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to a long time friend and employee Scot Kirkpatrick.  Scot succumb to his brain cancer Glioblastoma while at home with his loved ones.  He was a family man first and reveled in being a father, grandfather, husband, and son in law.  Scot had been in the flooring industry for over 30 years and built many strong relationships along the way.  His reliable leadership, knowledgeable experience and jovial disposition embodied what Flintile strives for.  His absence leaves a void in our hearts but his memory will be kept vivid and his contributions never forgotten.

Scot M Kirkpatrick

Scot M Kirkpatrick


Heart & Soul

As many of our customers have already came to find out; our VP Scot Kirkpatrick was diagnosed with a brain tumor on February 27th.  He underwent surgery in the following days with the majority of the tumor being removed.  After spending some time in the ICU he was transferred to a rehab facility where he currently recuperating.  Scot is an extremely valuable part of Flintile, and has been for over 30 years.  The outpouring of support from all of the people who’ve worked with Scot has been wonderful and appreciated. He has always been a likeable, knowledgeable and dependable man.  We will continue to send positive energy to Scot and his family thru this tough time.

Flintile Inc. Warehouse Efficiency

Our warehouse efficiency benefits you and your business

Davis Sanders for Flintile's warehouse efficiency post

From pre-pulled orders to an efficient and friendly staff. Our Flintile warehousemen are cross-trained to place and change orders, if the will-caller is authorized to do so, sundries can be added on the spot. This saves you and your business time. Often, at other distributors, you would be sent back to the order desk to deal with the changes and then sent back to the warehouse. You may additionally have to wait for the paperwork or put back in line behind other will-callers. At Flintile it is one man, one operation. We will make the changes you desire, grab your materials for you and send you on your way. All while dealing with one individual. Our warehouse efficiency is just another way Flintile Inc. is dedicated to serving you.

Flexco ® Rubber Base Cuts

Flexco rubber base cuts

Flintile offers a unique service for rubber base

Flintile offers a unique service for rubber base. Whether you have a job requiring 35 feet of black base or you need 3 rolls, Flintile will get you, exactly, your desired amount of base. This service is unique to the area as most other wholesale distributors only sell full cartons at 120 feet in length on average. This can be extremely helpful in situations that require eccentric or accenting colors. Our goal is to serve you, our customer, not to push extra material on you because it is easier and faster for us.